Jason Voorhees returns to form in Friday the 13th : the remake

Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday the 13th (2009)

The original Friday 13th movie was unusual in that it never showed Jason Voorhees in his hockey mask. In fact, neither did Part II. So how come all the ads, posters and clips we’ve seen have Jason complete with hockey mask?

Simple: first five minutes of the remake is Part 1, next fifteen minutes or so are equivalent to Part II and from there on in, it’s the usual Jason mayhem. But it’s all done in a good way.

I’ve watched all ten Friday movies, VII is my favourite by the way, and I like Kane Hodder so I was a tad weary when it was announced that it was some new guy who would play Jason in the remake.

The film starts off with what we know as the end of Part I (re-shot in grainy black and white), but with a twist (which I won’t give away) which gives (some sort of) reason to Jason’s madness. Next we see new material, kids canoodling in the forest, but with Jason dressed ala Part II, the one eyed sack. The sleeping bag scene (no, not that one, she doesn’t get whacked off of a tree!) shows that this new Jason is cunning, fast, and aggressive. Only having dispatched of said group of teens, with a new bunch arriving, do we see Jason finding ‘the mask’ and becoming the Jason we all know and love.

It suits you Sir.

It suits you Sir.

All the teens in the movie are your run of the mill Friday group. Drinking beer, smoking weed, guys giving each other high fives and chicks who’ll whip their kit off at the wink of an eye. And there’s some nice boobage on display. Needless to say, each of the group are disposed of in turn, and this is my only real nitpick with the film – most of the kills are just bog standard stabbings, there’s no inventive gory/controversial killings which would have helped the movie.

Ah cuz he's back... he's the man behind the mask...

Ah cuz he's back... he's the man behind the mask...

Either way, I liked the new Friday the 13th. The plot isn’t ground breaking, it’s the usual Friday stuff and the ending – well, I won’t spoilt it, but it was a bit of a cop out. It could certainly have been a LOT worse (which is what I was expecting) and I really like the new Jason. Gone is the overacted, heavy breathing, stumbling, zombie Jason. In comes a fast, cunning, aggressive Jason. I approve!.

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