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Internet Oddities January 2009

It may be a new year, but there is no shortage of viral lunacy circulating the Internet.  So, while we cook up some new original material behind the scenes, have a gander and kill some brain cells from this garbage, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible.

P.S. I also included some trailers for upcoming flicks I think we should have on our collective radar.


Internet Oddities

A continuation of the series where I show shit I’ve found that I think you should see.

Aliens prank gone bad…vengeance is a mother.


I gotta install one of these. Maybe get myself a Halbird while I’m at it.

I. Love. John. Woo.

Laugh out Loud funny. The backflip is the best.

Get you claymation fix.


Internet Oddities

The internet is full of weird shit, perfect for us obscure cinema freaks who are looking for a quick fix, something to show our friends, or just a strange way to kill some time.

Here’s some stuff i found particularly odd or awesome, I hope you like it.  If this goes over well, I’ll consider making this a series.

Turn the volume up a bit for this one. Banned Claymation thing.

Tim Burton before we knew what he was capable of.

If this is a clever hoax, the guy on the phone is the best voice actor I have ever heard.

So much innuendo.

Gore. Overload.